Mark White

"The Language of the Soul"

Outsite a Frankie and Benny's is talented Mark White ( playing the beautiful instrument called the Chapman Stick. The song he plays is an original by himself called 'Up From The Ashes'

street artist Mark White performing in Prague. Play on Chapman Stick

Annie's Song ~ John Denver ~ instrumental Chapman Stick by Mark Violin by Shiki Thank you for watching :)

Prague, Czech Republic

Chapman Stick by: Mark White Violin by : Shiki Violinist Thanks for watching! Like & Share ↓↓ ----Mark ----Shiki 

Nelson, New Zealand

Carpe Diem ~ Written by Mark White Thanks for watching! Like & Share ↓↓ * Chapman Stick... Mark White * Violin......Shiki Violinist

Fort Williams, Scotland

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic