Mark White

"The Language of the Soul"



About Mark...

With only 10,000 Chapman Sticks worldwide, they are one of the most seldom seen and rarely heard instruments in the world.  With an elegant sound Mark White specializes in such music as Classical, Romantic, Celtic and Classic Rock.

Based out of Austin, Texas Mark White is one of the few Chapman Stick players in the world.  Mark was first introduced to the Stick at the age of 12 by his music teacher Matt Rogers.  Completely captivated by the sound, Mark eventually transitioned to the Stick full-time.  At the age of 17 he and Matt Rogers formed a Chapman Stick duo called "Heartstrings". After working together for almost 10 years Mark and Matt decided to go their separate ways.   Mark now has been traveling the world for the last 2 years showing over 30 countries the wonder of the Chapman Stick through street performing. He plans to continue to travel and write music on the road as long as possible.

  Mark White  (  Photographer  :  Max Pachl )

Mark White  (PhotographerMax Pachl)


New Celtic CD

This CD has a beautiful collection of traditional and original celtic pieces such as "Scarborough Fair", "Raglan Road", "She Moved Through the Fair", and many more.