Mark & Steffi

"The Language of the Soul"

About Mark and Steffi

With only 8000 Chapman Sticks worldwide, they are one of the most seldom seen and rarely heard instruments in the world. Today Mark White and Stefanie Barthel are the only Stick-Duo in the world. With the elegant sound of the Chapman Stick, they specialize in such music as Celtic, Romantic and Classic Rock.

Mark (Austin, Texas) and Steffi (Ulm, Germany) met in a small town on the east coast of Australia called Coffs Harbour, in November 2016. Immediately they saw a connection between the two of them and began traveling together. After 6 months, Mark decided to share his passion with Steffi and started to teach her the Chapman Stick. She caught on quickly and put in hours of practice every day. After performing in several countries, they started working on a new project together, a compilation with original Celtic peaces by Mark.

Now, 2 years later their first album together “New Beginning” is finally finished. Mark and Steffi continue to travel around the world and share their music with different cultures.

( Photographer: Linus Goldschmitt)

(Photographer: Linus Goldschmitt)

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New Beginning CD

Now Available!

Brand new album of all Celtic, instrumental pieces by Mark White and Stefanie Barthel. This CD features two Chapman Sticks together, playing all original compositions by Mark White, written over the past three years while traveling the world.